Gemini november 25 horoscope

Planets that are retrograde do their jobs differently. Another helpful aspect that today brings is Mars and Saturn in a sweet and supportive sextile. On the same team, these badasses bring us an incredible determination to use in pursuit of whatever needs a little extra effort from us. Venus and Uranus have been at it since September. Opposing one another mostly from Scorpio and Taurus, Venus and Uranus have both retrograded back into Aries and Libra to continue the duel.

With Venus back in her home sign, relationship dynamics get a chance to surface in more straightforward ways. You might get an important message about an edit or revision to a creative project or relationship dynamic. Back in Scorpio, where she originally stationed retrograde in October, Venus once again goes goth. Into the deep, Venus brings us in touch with our more intense feelings and relationship dynamics. Still in review of the last retrograde road she traveled, Venus is in her post-shadow period until December 18th.

The astrology of today and December 5th puts the sun in a precarious position. Arguments, difficulties, and duels feel inescapable. Whatever challenges we face might tempt us towards hostility. A square from Neptune to the sun does nothing for clarity or confidence, but it can spur on our creativity and compassion. All of the notes, comments, and quips from loved ones feel especially potent at the moment.

The people that you are in constant, but not necessarily lengthy, contact with come through with the most important messages of the month. Take note of the themes that fill you inbox. Make time for the siblings, friends, and allies that are willing to work through difficulties with you. Who in your life models integrity in conflict? What are you learning about staying clear, focused, and true to yourself no matter the mayhem you find yourself in?

Whether it be in family or friend gatherings during the full moon, or later in the month, take note of the folks in your life that come to your aid in the most gracious and generous of ways. We never stop learning how to have honest conversations.

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Hopefully it gets easier, but the challenge is an important one no matter our level of expertise. Wanting to be right is human, but wanting to understand something new about ourselves through our interactions is a divine gift. The more open you are to learning about your prejudices, hang-ups, and how you shut down when things hit close to home is a far greater accomplishment than proving a point.

The more we understand how we work, the less likely we are to let anyone or anything confuse, manipulate, or distort what it is we are trying to get across. Whatever professional or financial plan you have been developing over the past 6 months is revealing its ability and strength. What are you being rewarded, paid or praised for that has the potential to support you in some fairly substantial way? Passionately pursue more if the former, and confidently move on if the latter. It behooves you to believe in the abundance available to you right now. Whomever you are joining forces with, collaborating with, and conspiring with will be revealing their potential over the next couple of weeks.

Make it a priority to give the best of what you have to those that make an effort with you. Holding back will only keep you in the same place. This is the time to impress others with the skills you have been developing and most want to work with. Let others know the kind of talent that you possess if it has yet to be professionally or publicly expressed.

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Any project that is being done for the first time needs to be held with a willingness and an abundantly optimistic refusal of defeat. Celebrating your recent victories, the full moon offers you a moment of self-reflection, validation, and magnification. Whatever you have accomplished and whatever you are in need of will be amplified.

Gemini: Your daily horoscope - October 09

Whatever is made obvious by this full moon wants you to take it seriously. The last half of November and beginning of December encourages you to extend yourself to others in as generous a way as possible. Who in your life teaches you how to say yes to your well-being and, by extension, your joy? Who teaches you to push past your self-imposed limitations to see what else is possible? Who reminds you that self-acceptance matched with accountability is key to success?

Right now one of the most powerful things for you to do is put yourself in spaces where you are with others that challenge you to expand your awareness, deepen your commitment to your development, and find all possible ways to celebrate the love in your life. Staring at the ceiling is a lost art. Zero screen time for a day is a rarity and a gift to our entire being. Get offline around the full moon and fill yourself up with whatever is restorative for your psyche.

Just below the surface of busy lies a bevy of inspiration. Right now it is easy for you to feel overwhelmed. When your creative potential serves your life purpose, your work takes flight in ways that defy logic. From the end of November through the beginning of December, your professional pursuits need your thorough attention and as much of your patience as is possible. Both of which are pretty hard to come by if you are running on empty.

Fill up your reserves for the benefit of your entire being. This is the perfect time to reflect on the community partnerships you have been building over the course of the past 6 months.

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The day will bring great optimism for you. Understand compatibility with love horoscope.

It's another busy month. Good thing there are two of you, Gemini.

Check love percentage using love calculator. You have been striving hard to attain partnerships with the best of the counterparts. And today your hunt will conclude on a satisfying note! You may even be a beneficiary of the prize amount which is the outcome of this partnership. A close colleague may honor you with special words of thanks for being a great support to them! To unfold what lies further ahead, take a look at your Gemini weekly and Gemini monthly horoscope.

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