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Element Properties Sign:. Lucky Color: Golden, Yellow, Red. Leo Daily Horoscope Overview:. Leo in Love. Leo is mighty and powerful in love, just like a king living in the fantasy of love! They would throw all the passion into the relationship and share everything with their lovers once they are in. Career for Leo. Leo people are very enterprising and they prefer to achieve self-worth at work and enjoy being noticed.

Pride and sensitivity, on the other hand, are minor flaws in their work. Love Match. What are obstacles in love for Leo Arrogancy! Because of too much arrogancy, Leo are easy to miss their sweet love. Relatively speaking, if they can lower themselves a little, handle the scale of their arrogancy and be confident instead of inferiority, love relationship can go more smoothly. Crazy for famous brands, confident and don't know how to please others; Irritable, generous, party-loving, self-esteemed; Confession-loving, subjective and impulsive; Domineering, frank and boastful; Impatient, fond of colorful clothes and open; Faithful to friends, showing off and cannot afford to lose; Vaporing, leadership and care about others' eyes;.

Generally speaking, Leos have good eloquence and know how to protect their interests.

Leo traits and personality explained

The people of this sign prove that confidence can indeed be infused. A Leo spends the better part of his social life switching between roles, all of them carefully and intelligently crafted to produce the best possible results in terms of recognition. Leos crave attention, love being caressed and having loved ones look up to them.

In return they offer warmth and joy to those around them making them lovable in the eyes of most. If they manage to overcome their rivalry, they can build a relationship, which makes them feel that they can conquer the world. Obstacles might require great patience to be overcome. Leo and Gemini: A particularly intense love bond that can grow in depth and strength as time goes by.

Leo woman personality traits and characteristics

This is a love-match that has a lot going for it, allowing both partners to grow and enhance their respective personalities. Their love match overflows with dynamism and romance. They are likely to experience an intense love affair, treating each other like the centre of the universe. In order for these two to achieve a harmonious coexistence, their relationship must be founded on mutual respect. They are likely to be instantly attracted to each other, their first encounter filled with passion and enthusiasm.

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This paring requires both signs to show understanding and make concessions if it is to grow into a strong relationship. Leo and Aquarius: These two complement each other perfectly! The lusty Leo man likes to think of himself as Daddy Cool and is often cutely unaware of the support network that exists around him that props up his fragile ego. Lights, camera, action, Lady Leo has the spotlight! This woman literally lights up a room! Lady Leo must have special treatment.

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She can send her meal back several times at a restaurant, insist on that nice reserved table in the corner and still get her way. Some of this might rub off on you.

LEO zodiac sign personality : love, life mission, health, career

Or…it could make you eat your hat with envy. She, on the other hand, looks good in hats. She knows in her heart that life is meant to be fun. And she makes it!

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  • She likes expensive gifts, for people to make a fuss and to take her to exclusive places. And what about that penchant for drama?

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